Festival of Alternatives: Events


Actions, demonstrations, May 1st - including 'Mayday in Mayfair', 'Vote Nobody', anti-Jubilee stuff...
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From politics and radical history to hands-on DIY skills-sharing. Includes: 'What is Anarchism?', plumbing, electrics, carpentry, yoga, zine-making, film-making. workshops page >>>


Showing in cinemas, social centres & reclaimed outdoor spaces, the films range from 'Injustice' - about deaths in police custody, to 'Black Box Germany' - about Red Army Factions in Germany. films page>>


Gigs galore... Punk, Balkan & Roma music, Queer Cabaret & comedy are some of the things we've got lined up.
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Social Centres

For the Mayday Festival of Alternatives, a temporary social centre will be set up. To find out what a social centre is, what will be happening there and how to get involved in it go to social centres page>>>

Critical Mass

Get on yer Bike, skateboard, rollerblades, wheelchair, shopping trolley or anything with wheels & no motor. There will be several critical masses throughout the festival. critical mass page>>>

Other Events

Mass picnics, 'loony-left' footie tournament, community celebrations & a week-long WOMBLES trial are some of the other things planned for the Mayday Festival. other events page>>>

even more events page>>>

If you are planning an event for the festival please email us the details at festivalofalternatives@yahoo.com with the date, time and venue so we can include it on this website. If you need any help with organising your event, or a venue for it, email us or come to one of our meetings. For details of meetings, see meetings page>>>