The organising of this year’s Mayday celebrations are underway!. Since 1999 activists have been trying to reclaim Mayday, May 1st, as a day of celebration of past struggles and as a focal point for present day struggles against capitalist globalisation and state power. In 1999 a tube party was organised, on Mayday 2000 a 4-day festival of anti-capitalist ideas and actions, including a 2-day conference and a guerilla gardening action attracted thousands of people outside of the traditional anarchist/libertarian milieu out on to the streets. Last year's Mayday Monopoly continued in the creative and celebratory theme which has been characterised by many actions that have been organised against capitalist globalisation world-wide. Over 30 autonomous actions happened despite media scare stories and the repressive actions of the police. Many new people from different backgrounds were attracted to the politics of anti-capitalism and have since supported the growth of the movement in London and also nationwide.

This year a mass action is scheduled to happen on Wednesday May 1st in central London and also a ‘Mayday festival of alternatives’ starting on on friday 26th April and ending on May 6th, the ‘official’ bank holiday. Events included this year are local critical mass bike rides, a film festival, a music festival, a mass picnic and loony left football tournament; also a multitude of direct actions, workshops, political discussions, teach-ins and exhibitions.

With all these activities already in the process of being organised, we need to raise funds to pay for it all and also to pay for stickers, posters, leaflets and a free spoof newspaper.

In the past few years we have raised money to pay for Mayday by organising benefit gigs and asking for donations from groups and individuals. A great many people have also donated their time, skills and resources.

If you would like to send a donation, no matter how big or small, then make cheques payable to ‘Mayday 2000’ and send them to: BM Mayday, London WC1N 3XX. Thanks for your support and see you on Mayday!!