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In the UK - A list of anti-capitalist and anarchist groups in the UK.
We Are Everywhere! - Protest sites & resources from around the world.
Anti-Capitalism & Anarchism - news, history, theory & practise.
Situationists - the poverty of everyday life & it's potential for transformation.
Anarcho-Syndicalism - workers’ managing industry for themselves, by themselves in a non-hierarchical way.
- primitivism, climate change, dam-builing & campaigning info. from UK & around the world.
Social Centres / DIY culture
Mayday 1999
- what happened, who went, what the cops did, conclusions drawn etc...
Mayday 2000
- what happened in London & beyond.
Mayday 2001
- Mayday Monopoly, media scares...
Mayday 2002
- what's happening around the world this Mayday.
Independent Media - everything from independent news reports to starting your own radio station.
What are we fighting? - a selection of sites which shed light onto the official bureaucratic, day to day agendas and machinations of various economic and political state and corporate apparatuses.
Satire/Light Relief - a break from hardcore political stuff.

In the UK

Anarchist Federation
Address: AF c/o 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Anarchist Youth Network
This autonomous, self-organising group have a well-written guide to anarchism in the 'ideas' section of their website.
Post: Anarchist Youth Network c/o 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Class War

Earth First!
Ecological direct action group, with branches nationwide.
PO Box 487, Norwich NR2 3AL
Tel 01603 219811

Haringey Solidarity Group
PO.Box 2474, London N8
Tel 020-8374 5027
produce The Agitator - an excellent database of autonomous, non-hierarchical political, community and action groups.

Leytonstone Activist Group
a non-hierarchical collective of anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and other activists organising for radical political and social change in and around Leytonstone. mobilising for national demonstrations, organising local actions, producing leaflets, stickers & posters, putting out a newsletter, holding public meetings & film screenings and building a community of resistance to capitalism and the state.

Movement Against the Monarchy [MA'M]
Currently working on a range of anti-jubilee actions, MA'M are possibly the only group in the world to boast a fully functioning guillotine.
Address: P.O. Box 14672, London, E9 5UQ
Tel: 07931 301 901

No War But The Class War
discussion list:

Queeruption - radical queer site & organisers of the recent 4-day Queeruption extravaganza.

Reclaim the Streets
Architects of mass street parties the Jubilee oganisers can only dream of. Currently concentrating on anti-tube privatisation campaign.
Address: PO BOX 9656
London, N4 4JY

South London Action Group (SLAG)
Provides networking opportunities for people and groups who are, or want to be, involved in building sustainable community-based actions in South London.
Discussion list:

Solidarity Federation
Address: PO Box 1681
London, N8 7LE.
Tel. 0208 374 5027

Surrey Anarchist Group
Anti-capitalist / anti-facist direct action group who focus on both local and national actions.
Email:, or you can send some post to: SAG, PO Box 375, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey. GU21 2XL.

TACT - Temporary Anti-Capitalist Teams
Currently supporting the Womble 7 trial.
or email

Walthamstow Anarchist Group
A non-hierarchical collective of anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists in the London borough of Waltham Forest, who produce the excellent 'Underdog' newsletter.
Send letters to: WAG, PO Box 35832, London E11 3WT

West London Anarchists and Radicals [WAR]
This community-based autonomous group produce War-Cry newspaper.

White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggle [WOMBLES]
Sometime white-overall-wearing, padded-up underground-overground superheroes. Now branching out into cheeky office occupations, social centres & showtrials.
For info on the Womble 7 trial, which takes place over Mayday, see womble trial page>>>
To support the Wombles on Mayday, see autonomous actions>>>

Website: or
Discussion list:
Phone: 07960 973 847

Women Speak Out - ace UK-based Anarcho Feminist network, with groups around the country.

We Are Everywhere!

Global Grassroots Contact Directory
From Green groups in Burkina Faso, Hong Kong and Cameroon to workers collectives in Honduras and Lebanon - this site is one of the best around in terms of sheer span of contacts. Really worth looking at if you're feeling a bit isolated, want to go travelling and find radical groups or are simply curious about what's going on in distant continents.

Also see: - a Europe-wide anti-fascism/anti-racism network, Antifa also offer free & secure webspace to activist groups whose freedom of speech is under threat. They kindly gave us this server space after the Met police threatened to raid and confiscate the server of the 4 UK servers who have already hosted this site. - if you haven't already been to visit this site, you're probably in a dwindling minority. Millions logged onto the Independent Media Centre network at the time of Genoa G8 protests, out-clicking corporate media giant Reuters by miles. Frequently used by journos trying to get the low down on the anti-capitalist movement. Accessible, democratic and decentralised - anyone can log on with their own news-story, IMCs now exist in over 30 countries, the US having 32 domestic centres alone! Leading alternative to the corporate mainstream.
Stunning site crammed full of original info on where the next regional insurrection is set to erupt. It’s cheeky (roadblocks, naked hippies, tripods and tree hugging) and full of spot-on links (radical knitting circle!) and smart campaign details (buy nothing/steal something days). We like (: 
website of People's Global Action (PGA), a grassroots, totally decentralised network of global movements committed to fighting capitalism and the neo-liberal order in a confrontational, non-hierarchical way. Originally set up to mirror the movements of multinational mega-summits such as the IMF and World Bank meetings. Recently included on the FBI's list of suspect organisations so you know they're doing well! - U.S centered calendar of anti-capitalist struggles listed by date, region and topic. Event categories include: Food & Agriculture, Immigration & Refugees, Children & Education Religion & Spirituality Prisons, Police & Repression and Drugs. Add your own events to their diary and read background pieces on what people are protesting about. Also features an anti-capitalist handbook. - not part of the IMC network, this Polish Independent news portal has am anarchist slant to it. Lots of news about local struggle – Nurses’ dispute, Farmers’ rebellion and anti-fascist action.  No English version.


 Anti-Capitalism & Anarchism - multi-language anti-capitalist anarchist news and articles from around the world. - autonomist (independent anarcho-communist theory-fusing movement ) journal generating sharp and original analyses of everything from the Palestinian Intifada, Situationsim, Yugoslavianpost-war class
struggle, the northern anti-capitalist movement and civilisation itself. Articles carry names such as What was the USSR? Towards a theory of the deformation of value under state capitalism. Part 1: Trotsky and state capitalism and 'Decadence': The theory of decline or the decline of theory? Part 1 (Marx and orthodox Marxism). Hmmmm (strokes of the chin).... - ignore the slightly authoritarian ‘why you should become an anarchist’ sound-bite at the top, this is a very useful and Huge intro to anarchy, full of anarcho myth demolition, history (Kronstadt) critiques of socialism/state capitalism and true stories of local struggles. The rest of the site is pretty damn cool too. - gigantic site full of anti-capitalist anarchist theory, history and practice. Images and info galore – a good place to start. - top, on-the-ball anarcho-communist site. Brilliant links exploring everyday life in a capitalist society – which shed light onto complicated Marxist concepts of commodity fetishism, alienation, and the transformation living activity into capital, in an accessible, Short (yay!), and concise way. - everything you ever wanted to know about doing direct action, featuring tips on roof-top occupations, wombling up, self defence, monkeywrenching, hungerstriking, prisoner solidarity, countering state surveillance, first aid - treating bone to chemical weapons injuries, setting up child-minding co-ops, growing community gardens, encouraging direct democracy and organising your own group/newsletter/home-grown local revolution. A fantastic political resource. Fucking brilliant. - radical anarchist library/resource. a must-read for anyone (everyone) who’s ever dreamed of quitting their job or opting out of the ratrace - permenantly. This excellent Q and A Section comes from –  the site of sites!! Full of incisive, up-beat, commonsense analysis of work (wage labour) and how to escape it. Why do we do it? Is there a way out of it? And what alternative economies can we create which give us maximum freedom to live our lives to their full potential? Livable Alternatives To Wage Slavery – they do exist..... - huge site full of info on current struggles, background and articles by the likes of Noam Chomsky.


This was is a 1960’s spawned action-creed based on transforming everyday consumption and commodity saturated life by creating, literally, alternative situations which challenge it. The production- for-market-dominated system is known as the The Spectacle. Whassat? Life under capitalism in situ theory is one big spectacle, in that we are robbed, through daily constricting wage-labour and a visual, image dominated culture, of the tools and capacity to a create liberating and  meaningful life. We do not own the means or methods of out production and consumption. We are excluded from creating our own direct entertainment, reduced to passive spectators. We don’t create, we don’t participate, we watch, we view. Our energy, the things/info we work to make and the change we try to create are turned into commodities (articles which are sold) mass produced, re-produced ,and sold back to us. Situationism as a critical analysis and activity aims to disrupt the work-buy-consume-die ethic and challenge the alienating economic and cultural system by creating situations where revolution might happen – turning the everyday on it’s head, denying the your own economically prohibited desires. Taking back what’s ours, taking control. Situ stuff has a rep for being sexy, transgressive, anti-work, anti-depressant and Anarcho to the core. - The Bureau of Public Secrets – Big big database full of key texts, international anarchist history –including radical Buddhists, Chinese anarchists, the 1970 Polish revolt, the 1979 Iranian uprising, the Gulf war, plus images, cartoons and classic situ quotes. - Stuff by Guy Debord - the daddy of situationism. Rest of the site is pretty vibrant and well worth a gander. - Raol Vaneigem’s masterpiece and modern day Situ bible ‘The Revolution of Everyday Life’. Can be pretty dense at times but it inspired a generation of Reclaim The Streets actions and politics. Loved by many. - first Chapter of Vaneigem’s The Joy Of Revolution – nice intro into the situ agenda for revolt. - beautiful website of the writers of the best book in the whole world ever, 'Days of War, Nights of Love'.  is the Action Faction of CrimethInc. Full of tales from the autonomous wild-side – squatting, rioting, dumpster diving, ad-sabbing, crime and as the book sez, nights of love, this site was created to give you fuel to keep the revolution burning. - ace site masterminded by the Surveillance camera players – anti-big brother anarchos who take the piss out of state spy culture by performing plays in front of CCTV cameras. Class.


Anarcho-Syndicalism – here is a Wildcat site specialising in some sensible anarcho-syndicalist politics. Read all about spontaneous strikes, militant occupations and general stories of subverted work. - a directory of anarcho-syndicalist unions world-wide from FEDERACE SOCIÁLNÍCH ANARCHISTÙ in the Czech Republic and FREIE ARBEITERINNEN UNION in Germany to SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA Chile and SOLIDARITAS BURUH INDONESIA . – a nice Matt Groening carton from Life in Hell – link below. Groening is the creator of The Simpsons and a self-defined anarcho-syndicalist. Anarcho-syndicalism means workers’ managing industry for themselves, by themselves in a non-hierarchical way. This means autonomous self-management without following any directives from a Trade Union type centralised structure, which stems and diffuses collective dissent. – this is just funny. – here is the whole Matt Groening Life in Hell site – funny, anti-work, irreverant Stuff.


Ecological/Environmental - Earth First! - see 'in the UK' section – sprawling site crammed full of campaigning information on dam building projects (mostly Majority World continents). Includes a great myth-busting section dismantling official state and corporate consortia penned blurb with down-on-the-ground scrutiny and scientific environmental evaluation. Mega-projects like the Three
Gorges Dam on the Yangtze, China – the biggest dam on the planet (set to displace 1.13 Million people by 2009 – estimated completion date) and the Sardar Sarovar, India (0.5 Million), are analysed. - radical hub of anti-technology and anti-domestication theory (domestication is used here to describe the way in which we have lost our instinctual ingenuity, resourcefulness and wildness, through a historically forced subordination to mass industrialsed technology. This submission is sustained by ecologically damaging production and consumption structures, hierarchy and time and energy-sapping wage-labour. In straight-talk, we’re molly-coddled, blinkered, gadget-addicts who’ve lost all sense of any practical independence. Primitivism is the pursuit of ways of life running counter to the development of technology, its alienating antecedents, and the ensemble of changes
wrought by both – sez the opening blurb. Lots of writing on: anthropology (the study of ‘man’ literally but more broadly the study of cultural construction of ‘reality’, hierarchies and the politics of politics); technology; civilisation; and therianthropy (believing in werewolves – what the??). Still, it’s one of the most radical and goddam fabulous sites out in cyberspace and well well worth a gander. – amazing site exploring mining, oil and gas company expansion, business-financed tribal genocide, ecocide,  indigenous resistance, and international environmental campaigns. Thoroughly researched. Includes colour map locating ecological
and tribal struggles, region by region. - climate watchdog site filled with excellent research on industry catalysed ‘natural’ disasters, freaky weather patterns and environmental catastrophe, plus Analysis and criticism of  mainstream channels and bodies supposedly combating climate change such as the United Nations intergovernmental process and the protests they spark. - much like the International Rivers Network site but focused mainly on Europe. Contains lots of official documents and useful articles plus campaigning info, group links, and eco-system insights.


Social Centres / DIY culture

Social Centres organise to create new worlds, new possiblitites, real leisure and social alternatives to wage labour and centralised power. Although more established in countries like Italy and spain, the concept of social centres as a political strategy is taking off here in the UK with new centres in Manchester, Nottingham, Brighton and London. Social Centres can be either occupied [squatted], or financed through loans and other community funding organisations.
- Extensive archive of squat websites: including links to direct action papers, occupations, squats of the world. - European Counter Network: <ECN> autonomous zone with mutlilingual section. Or use to translate the italian. Has a centri sociali section - Info shop network news (info on squatted autonomous centres )

c/o 56a Crampton St. London. SE17 3AE UK.
Eroding Empire is ..yeah.. gigs, events, actions for London. - free things to do in London.,3604,503535,00.html - "Squatters in white overalls", naomi klein article
- Theory: social self organisation and autonomy networked - "Italy's social centres - a thousand human stories -" - article by Steve Wright
- everything you ever wanted to know about squatting law and reclaiming empty spaces. The guide book (now in its 11th edition) is available for £1 + SAE from Advisory Service for Squatters, 2 St.Paul' s Road, London, N1 2QN tel: 020
7359 8814 is the best guide going, featuring tips on elementary plumbing and DIY maintenance to electronics and a full run down of your legal rights. Essential reading for anyone thinking of finding a new free home/social centre. - great resource. Links to social centre networks and squats around the world. The London section is very out of date - the 121 closed down years ago, but this site is worth checking out - if only to see the pics of a stunning new social centre in Sydney which was previously a 1950's theatre & still has the original chandeliers. - a brilliant page, especially if you’re a burgeoning media activist. Contains down-loads for a short lesson in Quark Express, full contact details for National and Local Media and the invaluable Media Tool Kit revealing tricks of the trade and strategies for handling nosey journos/interviews and writing press releases. - UK squatters advisory service - links to archive, stories.
- Includes section on the question of self management - Bradford's legendary 1 in 12 club - an autonomously run social centre.

Mayday 1999

Black Flag 217 has a good account at

Mayday 2000 - this will tell you almost everything about everything that happened Mayday 2000 worldwide. Great links, down-loadable fliers, and details of town-by-town, city-by-city actions and from Angola to Arizona. Truly inspiring. - Info-shop’s little brother, this site takes you through the guerrilla gardening shenanigans of Mayday UK 2000. Riot Etonians, Churchill with a Mohie, AWOL anarcho ex- soldiers, suits flummoxed by the ‘Maybe’, and Parliament Square in bloom/mud are all charted through an amusing bunch of photos, news-reports and stories. Priceless.

Mayday 2001 and
(the end bit of -)
International upheaval 2001 explored in full; from the groovy North Atlantic info-shop and UK IMC peeps.

The full Mayday Monopoly Game Guide is here:
all the fun of last year’s Mayday Monopoly mischief. It put the frighteners up Blair, had the cops munching brekkie for England, literally, threatened bombscares and machete wielding paramilitary wombles (according to the tabloids), caught the cops on the hop, and saw thousands wedged-in at Oxford Circus.  Communiqués, pictures and articles a-go-go.

Mayday 2002

Paris Festival of Alternatives and Resistance. 13th April - 5th May.To translate the pages try (national site)

This website has some interesting west coast (US) stuff & their own mayday info: - A 5-day celebration of resistance, of community, and of freedom. To be held in Boston, USA over Mayday. - West Coast (US) regional anti-capitalist convergence autonomous festivals of resistance. San Francisco Bay Area April 26 ~ May 1 "we are celebration, we are resistance, we have forgotten the difference, that our world might forget its oppressions"


Independent Media

A-infos - Alternative News service

The Activists' Media Toolkit, £2.50 inc p&p (cheque's payable to Oxyacetylene), 16b Cherwell Street, Oxford OX4 1BA.

Alternative Press Index - links for just about every major alternative news source on the web - Corporate Watch is an on-line magazine and resource center for activists, journalists, students...anyone who is interested in human rights, social justice and corporate accountability

Direct Action Media Network

EF Action Update

i-Contact Video Network - Video Activism

The Independent Media Centre
Indymedia began life at the protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organisation and now has sites all around the world. This network of collectively run media outlets is "for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media's distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity." -
big web-crossroads for over 50 different radical investigative, lefty and anarchist publications based in the UK. Includes profiles of, and links to, the sites of Race & Class, Do or Die, Radical Economics, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The Ecologist, Lobster, Year Zero and Building for a Future. Good research portal.


Media Channel - huge site, watching corporate media and extensive listing of resources and news

Pirate TV

The Pork-Bolter, PO Box 4144, Worthing BN14 7NZ
Have produced a 'How to set up a local newsletter'.

Address: Schnews, c/o on the fiddle, PO Box 2600, Brighton BN2 2DX.
Tel: 01273 685913,
publishes a weekly direct action newsletter and yearly compilation book which also includes a comprehensive contacts database.
Website has lots of 'how to' articles (like, how to run a local campaign, how to do an office occupation - click on DIY on the home page) as well as database of over 500 groups and party and protest section with contacts of where to find out about what's going on in your area.

SQUALL - News and Commentary

Subvertise - archive of subvertised images

Undercurrents - News and Video Activism

Urban 75 - a Brixton based direct action politics and culture web zine, most notorious for its bulletin boards where 'anarcho'-lovin' copper Brian Paddick bared his soul

Z Magazine Network -News, Resources, and Links Activist Media - Video / Audio

What are we fighting? - Homepage of the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities. Not an anarchist organisation but its dedicated to monitoring state reppression, routine fit-ups, attacks on migrant and ethnic
communities -  Kurdish in particular - and generally keeping tabs on authoritarian and racist legislation - domestic (The terror acts - 2000 and 2002) and international (EU Arrest Warrant). Excellent resource. Good bunch of people. on-line resource centre for activists, journalists, students, and anyone interested in getting the low-down on the activities, history and politics of  big business. Site includes a detailed explanation of what multinational corporations actually are, what’s wrong with them and how to keep tabs on them, plus a thorough and detailed company profiles section exposing monolith nasties such as: Monsanto, Aventis, Premier Oil plc, Exxon Mobil, Group 4, and Pfitzer Inc, plus ‘family favourites’ J Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Tesco.  US sister site can be found at - First ever Indian Corporate Watch, working to expose the
social and environmental impacts of corporate investment in India. Launched March 28 2002 - The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns - big network of deportation-halting, detention centre and state reppression monitoring activists. Good information. - this portal sheds light onto the murky dealings of states and their apparatuses worldwide. Always contains up-to-date news on who’s the latest terrorist threat to be targetted by the plod, security services, national governments and supranational bodies like the European Union. Acts as a good barometer showing how fast our ‘civil liberties’ are slipping.

Below is a selection of sites which shed light onto the official bureaucratic, day to day agendas and machinations of various economic and political state and corporate apparatuses. From think tanks, government divisions (House of Commons, key departments, select committees), to corporate consortia and police bodies, the list is an attempt to show the mainstream organization of capital; its various faces; its convection, its representation; and its daily reproduction. It is also offers an insight into the way which resources, human and ecological are comodified, exploited and trapped, and the entire process, normalized. The circulation of mainstream political arguments (right to liberal and liberal left, by and large) and how they become reified (made solid, re-inforced) is also charted. The links are also a departure from the activist ghetto, where information is locked into a circuit of well-clicked sites catering for the same perspectives, repeating the same information and re-inforcing the same counter-cultural agenda without much recourse to what the powers that be are planning and pursuing.

Domestic, UK - all the usual suspectsyou'reused to hearing bleat out the same tired old shite their predecessors did. Air-brushed ugshots and job-profiles of all the current Key Labour cabinet ministers - who they are,what their role is and how they fit into the government. - What's the Shadow Cabinet? this'll enlighten you - who's who in the Shadow Cabinet. Sadly, no Ugshots. - Zzzzzzz but necessary viewing if you want in insight into the machinations of parliamentary democracy -Debates, tabled questions, select committees, lists of MPs, and the latest bills and reports. - quite the best intro page to state bureaocracy by the Central Office of Information (COI. Details recent and archived press releases from every government body (including all the Royal stuff- Jubilee and general activity related) going. Essential if you want to know the up-to-date extent of what we're up against. Latest news from every component of the state apparatus is here including some of the key following: - the Ministry of Defence - the government department which ensures people the world over accept the free market or die. Deals with any international aggression boomerang situation we may be subjected to as part of the ongoing capitalism-fostered conflict for market supremacy. - Defence Procurement Agency - the section of the Ministry of Defence site dedicated to seeking out and purchasing the best weapons of mass destruction (our) money can buy. - Department for International Aid and Development - aka the Department for forcing the neo-liberal agenda onto the Majority World under the guise of the nice kindly civilised West enabling poor mudhut-bound savages to join in our 'Progress' through job opportunites (lots of sweatshops!), infrastructural development (more fat motorways through rainforests and mega-dams re-directing rivers and displacing millions of people!)plus more - Hey Kids! Capitalism's great! This is a DfID Teacher's resource for convincing children that globalisation is the only way forward and really, and despite all this horrible poverty, transnational capitalism and the state have got everybody's (especially the poor's) best interests at heart. - The Export Credits Guarantee Department - closely linked to the Department for Trade and Industry (it has to report to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry) the Department for International Development and the Ministry of Defence. Undrewrites nuclear weapon exports and Dam building projects. The middle man. The Foreign Office - base of the Foreign Secretary.The Foreign Office's job is to push UK interests all over the world and determine which state gets demonsied as rogue if it gets in the way. - Department for Environnment, Food and Rufal Affairs' page on Environmental Protection - what is the Gov doing to fuck up the environment - or not as the department spin goes. Visit the sub-headed links on Climate Change, chemicals and biotechnology and radioactivity discharges etc for an update on whats getting 'dealt with' and how. Government sites are utter mazes but they shed insight into how state departments function bureaucratically. Well worth checking up on. -The Home Office homepage -  The Home Office deals with Internal Affairs - domestic security - immigration, prisons, police, crime and crime reduction, community relations, racism etc. Well worth looking at the Bylaws bit, you never know what you might find. - press release section of the Home Office website.The press bit is pretty comprehensive, best bet for keeping tabs on new policy. - stats bit of the Home Office site - want the government break-down of how many people have been incarcerated/deported/harrassed under Stop and Search/been restrained and, or, killed by officers in prison/custody/cautioned/appeared in court plus crime and victim figures etc etc? this is the bit to look at. - what's what in the UK Prison Industrial Complex. Airbrushed fluffy site; read between the lines for any info on new investment in the industry and inmate slave labour. -The Department for Trade and Industry. Profile of the role and responsibilities of the DTI, namely expanding and intrenching a free-market Thatcher accelerated culture of production and consumption, here and ultimatley overseas. - The Treasury -home of domestic and overseas economic policy formulation and fund allocation. Banker and Budget-maker. Cash boosts and cuts, investment, capital injections and spending predictions - all inside. -the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. Housing, public transport, local councils, and lots of regeneration - euphemism for privatisation of local assets and gentrification - overseen and pushed by this division of Government. - Department for Work and Pensions. New Deal, Welfare to Work, compulsary Apprenticeships and other coercive forms of cheap labour exploitation state all spun out here. Detailed break-down of the benefits system for UK citizens. -Work Permits UK- what it takes for approved migrants to be subjected to the same level of official exploitation as domestic workers. - full details of the Highly Skilled Migrants programme - a points-based system based on qualifications for incorporating workers into the UK economy. - Department for Culture, Media and Sport - Top-Down culture catalysation. How to sell the UK - especially to tourists. Benetton-ised fluff. - Department of Health. Regulating the our physical and mental well-being. This site is full of facts and stats on how the health system works in the UK. Private Finance Initiative being particularly pushed in this division. - 10 Downing Street archive of who was who in the UKs primary seat of power - what they were like at school, their pasta, their political dreams. An 'interesting read' sez the site..... - the Crown Prosecution Service - dedicated to prosecuting people who have committed criminal offences in the UK - this does not apply to police officers such as Mark Tuffy and Paul Harrison who killed Brain Douglas (Clapham, London 1995)and the countless other 'public servants' involved in getting away with murder in the UK. Get a Uniform on, join the state and you too can enjoy a life of unfettered violence, murder, crime and swindle - Free of Charge! Includes nice 'family tree' of the criminal justice system. - every registered corporation and business in the UK can be found here, plus disqualified directors, and latest company reports. Excellent basic business info database. - everything you need to know about the police by the police. - Structure - who does what, where and with who else in London. - Out on the streets,learn how to identify the bobbies on the beat - even if they cover up their numbers, you'll still be able to check their rank with these great Badge ID pics. - Police Federation homepage. Polfed is the equivalent of an officers' union. Bargains for higher wages, and more perks and rights for bobbies, and defends members To The Hilt in the face of pesky families seeking justice for their cop-murdered loved-ones or suffering from cop racism and harrassment. - excellent police compiled resource!  Have a look at what they think of us! Shitloads of new allies and cool sites to be found! - cheers Plod! List upon list of all the active anti-capitalist, anarchist, anti-fascist, anti-nuclear, hacker, green and animal rights groups in the UK. Stuff on Irish republican organisations too in the Irish Political Groups section but, strangely, nowt on Unionist Red Hand Defender UDF types - can't go backstabbing their allies tho can they?

Thinktanks – these are policy-forming theory production hubs, fed on by various political parties and corporate sectors which use ‘information’ generated by their research to justify new legislation proposals and ideological arguments. Most have interesting events with high profile speakers and can be worth having a peek at … - The Adam Smith Institute
Rightwing free-market fundamentalist body generating research justifying nationalism and the rule of capital unleashed as the primary force for social good, progress and international prosperity. - The Bruges Group
Margaret Thatcher is Honorary President (nuff said, it’s a platform for the wizened ballistic bat to spew out further community-crushing, free trade loving vitriol). Anti-European integration/assimilation. - Demos
New Labour cheerleaders. Allegedly independent but a Blairite favourite. - Centre for Economic Performance
Hardcore Economics focused site from the London School of Economics. Global and local impact of trade is dissected. Lots of case studies. Gauges the health of the free market. - Centre for Policy Studies
‘Centre-right’ Thatcherite/Blairite corporate profit generating policy incubator. - Centre for Economic Policy Research.
Corporate favourite, backed by loads of multinationals, similar to the Centre for Policy Studies. - Civitas – The Institute for the Study of Civil Society (a registered charity). Describes itself as non-partisan (no government funding) but accepts private donations. Site quote: ‘The term civil society (just in case you got mildly excited about it in the Sub Commandante Marcos’s use of the term) is intended to emphasise that in social affairs the alternatives to government are not exhausted by commercial services alone’. Yawnsome hardcore free market liberals. - The Constitution Unit
‘Independent’ (funded by charitable trusts, research councils and government departments) organization tinkering with parliamentary democracy to make the world a better place. THE cure for insomnia. - The Economic and Social Research Council.
Busy little thinktank regularly churning out reports about disadvantaged youth needing to Just Work Harder and the Future of Employment Relations; and work and the consumer economy (conclusion: they’re both just grrreat! We just have to make sure people aren’t too tired to shop). - The Fabian Society
Membership-based left of center theory diggers. Concerned with global justice. - The Foreign Policy Centre
The Patron’s Tony Blair, the President Robin Cook, and it’s constantly hosting high profile talks and conferences with various MPs, corporate CEOs, arms company directors and other undesirables. Very much promoting a Neo-liberal ‘globalisation is full of opportunities! But when we massacre the planet and populations to force it, lets do try to make it a bit nicer to the poor’ authoritarian trend. Good cop Bad cop thing going on. Pure New Labour. - Institute for Fiscal Studies
And it’s just that. Publication after publication on tax, company finance, investment, fluctuating markets, consumption, econometrics etc – it’s pretty good for getting the low-down on the latest route to profit maximization and business market survival strategies. - Institute for Public Policy Research
Quite the daddy of all the liberal-left thinktanks. Hosts discussions with people like Polly Toynbee (simpering Guardian columnist) and Billy Bragg (pro-parliamentary democracy singer/songwriter and atrocious dad-at-a-teen-party dancer). Typical discussion title might be - The war on terrorism – we may need it but what does it mean for the survival of liberal democracy? Guilt-ridden-liberal debating (echo) chamber.

International - World Political Leaders 1945-2002. Big comprehensive list detailing winners of general elections/military coups/ and puppet-state manipulations the world-over. Biographies and mugshots a-go-go - Chiefs mon (tscccth) The Central Intelligence Agency publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments weekly. The directory is intended to be used primarily as a reference aid and includes as many governments of the world as is considered practical, some of them not officially recognized by the United States. - Nation-State DataBase. This site shows you flags, political parties, links to maps, constitutions, and national anthems. Strange site of ritual authoritarian symbolism and totemism. Brrrrr shiver me timbers. - Is it a Belgian scam? Is it the new European superstate? Is it a new imperialist governmet? No! It's just the logic of capitalism played out through territorial convenience. EU Institutions broken down into a digestible what-are-they-up-to? simple format. - Timetable of International Monetary Fund bigwig engagements, conferences and outings. Yawnsome, but, that's the institutional treadmill. - Calendar of the latest! Hotest! Wildest! Corporate courtings and financier shindigs. The mechanics of supra-capital convection; the deciding class in day-to-day flow. - feels like you've sneaked a peek into a crucial file - it's something about the moneypenny typeface and the faux real-life style paper document which can distract you for a minute from just How mundane the deciding of the future destinies of thousands actually looks on paper. - Library of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). An international force made up of the most powerful nation-states in the northern hemisphere. Invaluable resource containing a factbook, press  sgeets, fact sheets, seminars and speeches, and some. Look up your next local branch meeting.

Satire/Light Relief - top American satirical news site, promoting lots of un-American activities and rrrriping the piss out of everyone in, er America really, well, the mass media's representation of everyone in America and US consumer culture. Luvly. - great Sun style site taking the piss take of the news, capitalist consumer culture and government grovellings and gibberings in general. - the best thing to ever grace the pages of a UK newspaper - Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci's satire on state and media hype, reaction and propaganda post September 11. Priceless. - Evil Plan Generator -
should be renamed Tabloid Journalist Resource For Anarcho Article
Generator. See the headlines now - 'How Anarchists Concoct World Chaos
shocker'. Lawdy, let's not be givin them any ideas now..